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My Aunt Frances was a great influence on me when I was in my early 20s.  She had cancer, and she told me to be careful of medicines.  She said that the medicines would do one good thing, heal the tumors, but then several bad things.  Her bones would break when she shook a kitchen towel out!  That made a deep impression on me.  Many years later, when I was in my mid 50s, and my fingers and hip began to hurt, instead of looking to medicines, I did a search for natural remedies on the internet.  The turmeric capsules took away the discomfort in my fingers and hip, and kept arthritis at bay ever since.   I've written a book, first in Spanish, now in English, to share many inexpensive strategies for health, and what to avoid to minimize future problems. 

A personal Rife machine can eliminate bacterias, viruses, fungus, and amoebas quickly, with just a few minutes of an electric pulse.  They are the cause of much inflammation that causes many diseases.  Using sets of frequencies on a Rife machine can heal many, many physical problems.  Each organ has it's correct frequency, and disease can happen when the frequencies change.  I love my Rife Digital Professional machine, and encourage self healing with it!

I've written a number of books over the years.  Some are very practical and educational, some share my journeys of discovery, and some are mystical.  All share strategies that benefited me and others.

In addition, I am an energetic / spiritual healer, with deeksha (blessings) enhanced by a saint in India, Amma Bhagavan.  


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