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Carolyn Ryden

2 day workshop participant

"The holding each other exercise was amazing. I was nervous about it, I did not think I would feel comfortable enough to receive; to believe what was being said to me. I thought I would be too self-conscious to be in it.

It was completely the opposite. I felt so loved, so nurtured, so safe. I needed to hear those things. I completely believed him. I felt so completely loved. I wanted to just stay, and just be held, forever. I knew that God was telling me that I was completely loved."


private telephone session

"After receiving healing deeksha from Jeannie, within 24 hours my body and mind healed from trauma-emotional and physical trauma.  I remember laying in bed and telling myself...I'm not getting up until I've completely healed the psychological trauma hiding inside the physical trauma in my body-mind.  Immediately, a river of gold luminosity, truth, began pouring through my consciousness, revealing the source of all my own suffering in my mind.  I saw the pattern unravel the source of my own suffering, the pattern I'd created in my own mind.

 unifying the body and mind.

I have been healing from 2 head + neck injuries, where I had several small strokes, several protruding disks. I've been going to an osteopath for the past year and a half, and my osteopath is so impressed with my rapid healing that she is coming to Jeannie's deeksha event to bring her 4 year old twins for healing.

There was drug dealing and gangs of young teens in the park across the street from my house. Two years ago the police had a shoot out and the main drug dealer was shot, and

the bullet holes are in the tree in front of my house.

Jeannie did a deeksha healing for the neighborhood six days ago, asking for a sphere 4 to ó miles around to be filled with golden balls. I visualized the gang members I saw, and Jeannie invoked a deeksha healing for all of them and their rival gang members.

Prior's to Jeannie's deeksha healing, there was a lot of gang activity and panhandling.

They would watch me get out of my car and follow me to my yard. They would come right into my yard and knocked on my door. They'd ask me for $ and food, and say, "Oh, that's a nice car."

Since the deeksha healing, the neighborhood has quieted down. Most of the activity has gone. Even New Year's Eve was quiet. I haven't seen any needles on the street where they shot up their drugs. Nor have I seen people park in front of my house waiting for a

drug deal."