About me.

I offer many ways of helping you.

I am Jeannie Alvin.  

My bio is at amazon.com/-/e/B0755K7MHP,

as well as my breakthrough books in psychology, allowing people to heal who formerly were not able to;  plus a discovery to heal by using the only the mind.  

The books teaching these discoveries are Gentle Reparenting, the Original Guide (also called Heart to Heart Healing). 

Awaken to Life!  Better Than You Ever Dreamed! and Change Games. 

I have created a project using the discoveries to heal and clear your subconscious and unconscious minds, which can be the source of obstacles in your life, as well as clearing the collective human unconscious, which has allowed negative events on our planet. 

You can find a free video on my youtube channel that goes through that process, and offers a blessing at the end. 


I am also a miracle healer. 

I am soon creating a video that will combine the discoveries.   I have offered this previously in weekend workshops, and the people al shifted to better lives.   At the beginning of the workshops, they came in with their faces showing the stresses of life.

At the end, all of the participants eyes were round and innocent looking, like small childrens', their mouths had the innocent appearance of children as well; the stress had left their faces and their bodies.   See the testimonials page for their feedback.

We are at a point in our planet where a positive timeline is in our future.  This project will help shift many people to that good life. 

I intend to publish the new video on youtube, rumble, and vimeo. 

Backup channels are needed in case of removal!