More testimonials

I benefitted from the miracle healing prayers Jeannie Alvin sent me, plus a special prayer at the level of soul that she gave me to say 10 times a day. 

I had COPD according to the medical doctor. After praying that prayer for 3 days, I had to have a blowing test as well as a picture of my lungs taken. I thought I did really bad with blowing.

 A week after I called the MDs office and heard that I did not have COPD and my blowing test went fine. My COPD was gone. The tests at the hospital confirmed that my lungs are now healthy.

 This is all because of the miracle prayer that Jeannie sent me. Many blessings to this amazing woman who has healing capabilities herself and also healed herself of serious heart problems. She is an advanced soul!

Signed Georgina Nunez, Psychotherapist.

~ ~ ~ ~

The meditation that really helped my spiritual growth was the Green Pond Meditation. 

(In the video Bad Childhood/ Bad Problem do-over) 

 I was picturing a bonfire with a chair for me to sit on. Since I'm a country girl I pictured a bonfire that was glowing with flames flickering and I sat on a tree stump. 

My Divine Presence were a man and a woman sitting in a beautiful purple/maroon velvet upholstered loveseat embellished with beautifully carved wood. I could not discern faces but I knew they were there. 

There was a green pond nearby with different colors in the water. I went into the pond and could breathe under the water. The green pond was my heart chakra and the colors in the water were colors from other chakras. It was very soothing and calming. Very beautiful jewel colors of great intensity.  

 I felt the closest I have ever felt with the Divine Presence. 

All anxiety and fears were eliminated in that water. When I emerged from the water I was a different person with a renewed spirit. 

I felt incredible love and peace. There was communication between myself and Divine Presence but it was unspoken. There was peace that I had never felt before. 

I was told that my life had purpose and I was fulfilling that purpose.

 I frequently return to this meditation for inspiration and direction.

Leslie Hinebaugh,, Educator

~ ~ ~ ~

I benefited from Jeannie's healing prayers. Prayers do work and miracles do happen. 

I fell on the sidewalk on La Niña on the way to SuperMaxi. Everything hurt but I got up and continued to slowly walk to SuperMaxi and grocery shop.

 I took a taxi home and my husband called my doctor. She immediately made a home visit and while I had discomfort to low grade pain she couldn't believe I was walking. I had X-Rays taken and I had broken vertebrae in my back, and most of my lower disks were herniated or ruptured. I had a bone density scan and I have osteoporosis in my spine, both fémures and both hips.

> I was told I would be in a wheel chair. 

Well, I am NOT in a wheelchair and doctors can't believe I am not in bad pain. 

 They press on my back, hips and fémures and can't understand why I am not screaming in pain. They just say that I have a high pain threshold. I feel nothing when they touch me….absolutely nothing. 

It's not pain tolerance it's healing.  Healing prayers do heal.

Just got back from a hike in the woods with the dogs.   From the lady who was told to get a wheelchair!

Thank you Jeannie.
> Leslie Hinebaugh, Educator, Cuenca, Ecuador