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N. P.

Upon seeing my friend Jeannie after she first came back from the 21 day program...

as she held my hand, I began to cry tears of joy, and felt Amma's presence coming

through Jeannie's hands.

Receiving deeksha from my friend Jeannie Alvin is like receiving it from the Swedish

women who have received complete healing power from Amma. They are extremely

powerful, more so than anyone else that I have experienced. (Amma granted Jeannie full

healing power in a private audience.)

After receiving healing deeksha from Jeannie, within 24 hours my body and mind

healed from trauma-emotional and physical trauma. I remember laying in bed and telling

myself...I'm not getting up until I've completely healed the psychological trauma hiding

inside the physical trauma in my body-mind.

Immediately, a river of gold luminosity, truth, began pouring through my

consciousness, revealing the source of all my own suffering in my mind. I saw the

pattern unravel the source of my own suffering, the pattern I'd created in my own mind.

It unraveled going around my spinal cord, unraveling the illness in my health and

unifying the body and mind.

I have been healing from 2 head + neck injuries, where I had several small strokes,

several protruding disks. I've been going to an osteopath for the past year and a half, and

my osteopath is so impressed with my rapid healing that she is coming to Jeannie's

deeksha event to bring her 4 year old twins for healing.

There was drug dealing and gangs of young teens in the park across the street from my

house. Two years ago the police had a shoot out and the main drug dealer was shot, and

the bullet holes are in the tree in front of my house.

Jeannie did a deeksha healing for the neighborhood six days ago, asking for a sphere 4

ó miles around to be filled with golden balls. I visualized the gang members I saw, and

Jeannie invoked a deeksha healing for all of them and their rival gang members.

Prior's to Jeannie's deeksha healing, there was a lot of gang activity and panhandling.

They would watch me get out of my car and follow me to my yard. They would come

right into my yard and knocked on my door. They'd ask me for $ and food, and say, "Oh,

that's a nice car."

Since the deeksha healing, the neighborhood has quieted down. Most of the activity has

gone. Even New Year's Eve was quiet. I haven't seen any needles on the street where

they shot up their drugs. Nor have I seen people park in front of my house waiting for a

drug deal.

yes thanx i got the book ok and am reading it already!

It is soooo exciting, and thanks so much for putting this together!!

Much love gisele


I gave your book on the 21 day process to my friend, she said you are some kind of

genius. She said there was so much information on that book that it seemed like a

novel. She was very impresssed! I haven't downloaded another copy for me yet, but I

am working on it. ROBIN BARBEN

"I had just driven back to the Bay Area after a family meltdown in Southern California. I

called Jeannie Alvin in tears. She offered me a telephone Diksha. After a few minutes of

recieving Diksha I felt immeasurably better.

Later that afternoon Jeannie offered me a healing for the arthritic condition in my right

hip. Jeannie placed her hands around my hip for about five minutes. When I stood up the

pain was much reduced. The next week when I saw my medical doctor, she validated that

my hip was better than it had been."

Lucia Musso

After reading "going to Amma and Kalki? the 21 day course? Amma's ashram,

Nemam? available in paperback at www.lulu.com/awakening

Verbal testimonials (people said to Jeannie)

"I am not going yet, but reading this is the next best thing to being there. My friends and I

read it out loud, it was a sacred experience." Jill Pickering

In manifesting workshop, after first process, from book, "LIfe! Better Than You Ever

Dreamed!": available in paperback at www.lulu.com/awakening

"Now I know what is meant by the pain of my life turning into bliss," Jill Pickering

"Easy to learn. Innovative. These games are a powerful way to bring

harmony and balance into your life. In a fun and playful way, they allow

you to connect more deeply with yourself and others."

Lynn Marie Lumiere and John Lumiere-Wins,

authors of The Awakening West

"Authors such as Eckhardt Tolle come readily to mind. But what she HAS

done is taken their philosophical discourses and turned them into a real,

lived experience. And all by playing her fun, interesting little games. Now

THAT is quite an accomplishment!"

from introduction by Kirby Knox, M.D.

"The games offered in this book are deceptively simple. In

a light-hearted and very accessible way, Jeannie Alvin gives

us tools to use in 10 minutes, while watching the kids or waiting

in line. No need to close our eyes, sit still, or believe anything

special...just play along, have fun with a friend or acquaintance, and see

for yourself. And, perhaps my favorite part of the games,

is that you can't "do it wrong!"

Lisa Keller, M.D

Mark your calendars for the next manifesting process. At the last 2 workshops, people

began manifesting before they even left the workshop. Barbara was happy with a new

free suitcase and pine furniture that we found as we walked out the door to go to the park

to do a fire ceremony. The suitcase replaced one that had broken that morning! And

Dick received a phone call during the process that he did not answer; overdue money was

coming back to him! Then, as he drove out, like a message from spirit for him and his

dreams, he saw a child climbing a tree, saying to another child, "How high can I go?"

"Jeannie's book and deeksha workshop combined powerfully and quickly to ease

some of my difficulties, particularly financial ones. I got a call during the

workshop (which I didn't answer) saying a refund I'd been trying to get for several

weeks was ready, and then another check arrived about a week early." Dick



Hi Jeannie,

I had been searching for weeks for a job. After Jeannie's workshop, I went online

to look again. Several ads didn't really grab me, but I applied for them anyway.

Then I saw one that really caught my attention. I called, had an interview and got

the job! It's a wonderful fit and I feel truly blessed. Ronnie Foster

Hi Jeannie,

After attending Jeannie's workshop, I felt more at peace. That evening, I'd

received an email from a relationship coach looking for some information

from me. I gave her the information and asked about her coaching. We've

spoken and she is going to be my coach surrounding relationship...one of

the main goals I was working on in Jeannie's workshop. Wonderful

synchronicity!! Ronnie Foster, Life Coach

The games described in Jeannie´s book "Awaken to Life! Better Than You

Ever Dreamed!" are powerful tools to bypass the dualistic Mind and

become the Everpresent Wittnessing Concouisness, transform your

perception and synchronize your life to the flow of the divine. It is playful

and simple, yet so profound and I recommend her work with all my heart. I

know Jeannie as a joyful, wise and sincere Being and a powerful

dikshagiver and healer.

Miriama Nanne, Sweden, co-author of the book "To Live in Joy",

international workshop leader and spiritual teacher.

From workshops and books:

Dear Jeannie!

Thank you sooo much for that fantastic workshop!!

This was the most profound change of my consciousness!!

Mu heart chakra and chest expanded about 7 inches and I feel I am standing up

straight and feel like a queen!!

(before I was always slouching and "hiding") putting my shoulder to the front!

What a great experience

Thanks !!

PLease let me know when you are traveling I want to organize a workshop here in

Marin with you


Gisele Fahrbach

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend the Manifesting your

Dreams Workshop this week-end. It was facilitated by Jeannie Alvin.

I was very impressed in the tools shared in clearing, understanding, and receiving

deeksha throught the workshop.

I realize for me, deeksha is rejuvenating, relaxing, refreshing and resourceful in

connecting with yourself and the oneness of the Divine. The measures shared

were very useful to the reaching and connecting of goals and situations to


This is allowing me a new way of utilizing my "resourceful time" while waiting in

traffic, in lines and special time in ONENESS.

B. Mardiyya Wiliams

Dear Jeannie,

Thank you for your workshop. I certainly got more than I expected to get. You

boldly invited us to relive parts of our early childhood, and provided an ambiance

in which we felt free to accept your invitation. I was certain that my core issue

was my brutal forceps delivery. Then you gently suggested I look into the

interaction with my mother when I was first presented to her, misshapen and

miserable. Out of your sensitivity and insight came a whole new appreciation of

my feelings of being unacceptable and unworthy - feeling a need to earn love -

asking for less. That is quite an accomplishment for a half-day's work with

strangers, and I credit you for modeling everything you asked us to do. Hearing

of your own painful childhood, hearing how you are working your way to full

enlightened freedom, I found it much easier to jump in and follow you.

Love & Blessings


Dear Jeannie,

May your workshops mark the beginning of your emergence as a major node in the web

of noetic awareness. May you succeed beyond your greatest expectations. May all

remaining blockages and hindrances drop away from your bodily vehicle.

T' tastoo, So be it.

Love & Blessings,


The book is called, "going to Amma and Kalki? the 21 day course? Amma's

ashram, Nemam?"

One reader said, "Thank you so much, Jeannie. Your GC (Golden City)

wisdom has put wind beneath my wings. Love, Cindy

Another 21 day person told her husband, while she was in India, that the

book "saved" her.

Hi Jeannie

Thank you for a Deeksha which you have done by phone for me.

After that Deeksha at night when I was sleeping on my dream I am

standing in front of mirror

looking at myself and suddenly the mirror become black and I see

my shape totally blank and the moon like light which is intense color

of Gold and orange is around my head. I am just amazed how beautiful

that dream

is. Any way thank you again. Love Zohreh

Zohreh Noorian

The deeksha experience was AMAZING! I was so 'zapped' when I got home that

I fell fast asleep and slept until noon on Sunday! It was so interesting to feel the

differences between the practitioners' transmissions. Some definitely felt more

profound than others...do you usually have that many people giving deeksha? Is it

usually just you? One of you did something that made me feel like my head was

floating off of my body...that was the best! (I had my eyes closed the whole time,

so I have no idea how many different people had their hands on me!)

Anyway, I'd definitely like to get more...I'll be in touch.


Jodi Rose

Jeannie Alvin's Karma Clearing workshop creates open-ended potential in

terms of the degree of healing that is possible. I feel I've cleared some

pre-birth, birth, infancy and childhood traumas that had become my

negative life patterns. The experiential techniques were profound in both

their simplicity and their effectiveness to clear those painful experiences

that were stored in the unconscious as cellular memories. A thoroughly

uplifting and break-through weekend! Thank you Jeannie for this blessing.

Angie Burgess

Studio City, CA

Having just recently (1 week ago) returned from the 21 day process in India I

have been feeling like I'm walking between worlds. Filled with much joy but

seemingly stuck in a dreamlike state. After attending Jeannie's workshop, playing

her "games", giving and receiving Deeksha, I finally feel as though my being has

integrated. Not only that but I feel as though I have been upgraded as well. I went

from Hoberleigh 1.0 to Hoberleigh 2.5. AND my heart feels as though it has

expanded 3 times it's normal size (kinda like the Grinch.) Hoberleigh

"Jeannie Alvin's two courses (especially when taken together) are 'off-the-charts'

wonderful! I experienced a180 degree shift! And I feel that most of it has already

become a permanent part of my 'being'. Many participants felt a shift within hours

and several said that it was the best deeksha course they ever had experienced."

A participant in 3 weekend workshops

I have just read your book Heart to Heart Healing and

have been profoundly moved and touched by your account

of your own healing and the path you have cut for

others. I am eager to experience your work.

Love and Light,

Adrianna Meyer

I have just read and been profoundly moved and touched by Jeannie's account

of her healing process and the path she has cut for the rest of us. I write as an

experienced health professionsal who has practiced as a psychiatric R.N. in

hospital settings and as an M.F.T. psychotherapist in private practice, together

over a period of sixteen years.

Jeannie goes way beyond what most psychotherapists are taught to practice in

their various disciplines. She relates to the reader how powerfully loving it can

be for a therapist/healer to truly meet the client beyond any belief in

pychopathology or the habit of diagnostic labeling. She offers profound hope for

all of us, from those who have experienced extreme trauma and abuse to those

who come from dysfunctional families. She brings the light and love of her

conscious presence to the most horrific of childhood experiences and comes out

shining and healed. She demonstrates the power of hope in the face of

tremendous obstacles and the courageousness of a true spiritual warrior.

The reader will receive more than just information from (Jeannie's book) Heart to

Heart Healing. It felt to me as if an encoded template of healing energy was

downloaded into my awareness and energy field. I felt veils dropping from

consciousness as I read. Pieces of separation consciousness were leaving and

love was on the rise as I read and afterwards. Many spiritual disciplines tell us

we must move beyond separation in order to experience Oneness. Jeannie

shows us just how to do that in the healing of the human heart. Adrianna Meyer

Jeannie Alvin's presence is enough to heal. Her child like exuberance, gentle joy and

keen intellect make her a marvelous teacher. Her tools -- games -- she calls them are

deceptively simple. I walked away from her workshop with techniques I can use in the

car, on line at the post office, at the market...

As one participant put it, "when I tuned into my physical sensations [as Jeannie guides

you to do) I burst into laughter when I realized how absurd it was to hold onto my


Jeannie Alvin's deeply joyous and empathetic soul make her a wonderful person from

whom to receive diksha. She teaches the games which loosen your grasp on suffering.

The workshop setting is made even more potent by the great people Zann invites in.

Treat yourself to an experience of expansive bliss and wholeness and let the joy and

peace and safety wash over you like a mother's love.

Just be prepared to be disoriented afterwards.

I was a little wobbly as I went about my normal routine in the days which followed the


But that's the good news... As you clear away the old patterns of suffering, the whole

world looks brand new.



I have enjoyed Jeannie's workshop and her books. The "games" are to be taken

seriously; they are tools to move through chatter and into the silence that

underlies our very selves. Thank You!

Ken Dvoren

The workshop given by Jeannie Alvin was fabulous, the experience that she

brings to us was invaluable.

I learned so much about myself, in a way I couldn't think possible.

At the beginning of the game I felt the energy block in parts of my

body, they felt like weight at first, hampering my ability to move or

act, then they changed and became more like a mass, then by focusing on the

those parts I felt the mass becoming alive sparkling energy that started to

transform the blockage felt as a mass, into moving energy in all

directions, clearing out the blockage in my body.

E=MC2, it's really what I experienced in this course.

Thank you all, to give the workshop, to bring the work shop, to host it, to

attend it.

Christophe Happillon.


Yes, indeed there are changes in my interactions with people since

your workshop. I experience my fears and defensive reactions as a

piece of clothing which no longer fits. It's lovely and disorienting at

the same time. I have present time awareness that positive change is

not only possible -- but unfolding all the time. The "bla bla bla" game

helps me get out of my own way. I have really felt so loved ever since

the holding exercise. I felt so safe and nurtured in my partner's arms.

I am so grateful that you designed that game and I got to participate

in it.

I am reading your book, "Life, Better Than You Ever Dreamed". May I

say I was dazzled by the gradations of color on the cover and the

design using the infinity symbol. I was touched to hear you mention

your son did the graphics. His work is really splendid. He is very


It's awfully kind of you to write and I do hope you realize that light up

pen is meant for you.

I see your courage and beauty, Jeannie.

Thanks for sharing both.



Hi Jeannie,

I came in for only the short Sunday night segment. I have been manifesting with

her technique she showed us from that night-I feel good -I am sure I'll manifest all

of them soon. I FEEL IT. The energy was very high level from Jeannie and the

group. As a veteran diksha receiver attending many workshops- there are

different levels of energy .

MY FASTEST RESULTS were from blah, blah, blah-ing-as I bought Jeannie's

book. As soon as I start to obsess --I blah, blah, blah and laugh at myself.. note

the body sensations. I have blah, blah, blah-ed ALL WEEK with great results. I

am not done with the book yet as it has only been 3 days. I can't wait to practice

the other techniques!


Paula Mckinney

Hi, Jeannie, I'd be happy to add a testimonial to Ken's. Here 'tis.

At Jeannie's first workshop, the focus was on healing. I whispered my healing

intent individually to Jeannie and to four other deeksha givers. My desire for

healing, which I named "misalignment," was targeted at my right knee, hip,

sciatica area and to correct the ongoing misalignment of my body. Jeannie spent

a long time with me, and I felt the deep devotion with which she gave the healing

deeksha. Although I felt shifts after the first deeksha, given by a recent Oneness

Movement 21-day graduate, Angelica, and the second, given by Jeannie, I kept

repeating the "malady," to the other deeksha givers as I wanted to "get it all."

Even though I was sitting on the floor a long time, I felt much more comfortable in

my body...and a week later, I do feel less pain and better alignment in my body.

My right knee has had strong sensation, but it feels differently than before, and

I'm imagining that the sensation is due to realignment of the bones, muscles and

tissues, and I expect a complete healing.

I found Jeannie delightful, incredibly loving (I was fortunate to share a long gaze

with her from the front row), and as has been my experience with all the senior

Oneness Movement teachers, seemingly egoless. I look forward to sharing more

space with her and highly recommend her workshops. Joyce Dvoren

Thank you Jeannie for your fabulous workshop!

When I was driving back home to Mt. Shasta, I did not experience any mind


I was happy and very much in the present moment during the ride; I felt one with

the music, the road, the car and the starry sky above me.

Financially I did very well last week; I felt a real shift on an energetic level in

manifesting more powerfully now.

Have a great journey to India! May Amma's grace bring to you what you desire

and more!

Love, Julia Tahira

Your workshop was totally wonderful.

Awesome. The most fabulous work around. That's my

feedback. Steven Strouth, deeksha giver

I am fascinated with how utterly mind-stopping just watching my bodily sensations is.

It is mesmerizing and liberating. It frees me up to connect with others totally, to merge,

to love all. The karma-clearing game is so simple but bizarrely effective. I don't even

know what left exactly.

My big release came with working on the trauma surrounding the death of my mother

when I was five years old. She died of breast cancer after being ill for awhile, which I

watched at home. First came up the obvious sorrow, grief, and tears, and the sensations

of all that, then my "heart chakra" hurt - a lot - not my real heart on the left side of my

chest, but my center chest. Then that finished, and then all of these seemingly unrelated

spasms happened all over my body, particularly in my legs and knees - contracting and

releasing -- that seemed so "unrelated" to sorrow, but afterwards I felt so "done" and

empty. It all slowly came to a stop, and nothing was left. I vibrated all over, but no

more spasms, and I felt great relief.

I thought that the "holding the baby" would be more powerful than it actually was for

me....I felt safe and nurtured and wonderful, but I knew this feeling already. It was

"Home" and recognized. It wasn't a lack, per se. It was unexpected. HELEN WEARY

What I liked most about the day: Loved it all but the tools were wonderful.

What a day of release. The evening "holding" process was the best. It was

enlightening and eye opening because it allowed me to address issues I had no

clue were obstacles and challenges for me. What a blessing! I felt very safe and

protected, very nurtured.

JOHN HIRANO, general manager of Learning Light Foundation

The holding each other exercise was amazing. I was nervous about it, I did not think I

would feel comfortable enough to receive; to believe what was being said to me. I

thought I would be too self-conscious to be in it.

It was completely the opposite. I felt so loved, so nurtured, so safe. I needed to hear

those things. I completely believed him. I felt so completely loved. I wanted to just

stay, and just be held, forever. I knew that God was telling me that I was completely


Very loving and supportive environment. Things were simplified. Games

simplified ways of dealing with things. Jeannie is such a gentle person. Felt like

I was receiving both times - as a mother and as a child. Didn't need words.


Private session Testimonials (parts of the Karma Clearing workshop):

I felt not only divine love but a divine opening in being held and hearing the

loving words spoken. The game exercise worked very well to shift and lift

tensions and blocked emotions in my body. I also felt much grace and blessings

from the deekshas throughout the day. It will be interesting to see the ongoing

shift and difference in my life from this one day of healing and deekshas, I will

stay aware to see. Thank you for the gift of love and healing.


Note: After some days, Thomas reported that he was seeing clearly, as if a fog

had lifted, where he avoided taking responsibility for certain things.

I felt that I was rapidly falling into a space of peaceful relaxation and trusting,

thoughtless self-awareness. A space of connection with a nurturing energy, a space of

communion with the Divine Mother where I was completely accepted, beyond any and

all specifics of my life history/story. In this space I was reminded, at a very deep,

profound level, of the truest nature of my essence, beyond nature/nurture, beyond genetic


Being in this space was extremely calming. I had arrived here with apprehension and

uncertain if I was going to be able to go through whatever process Jeannie had prepared,

but it was extremely easy to allow myself to go, to surrender into this energy that took

over and reminded me of this that makes me human and united to all that is. From this

point all my problems became irreverent, at least not as the unsurmountable obstacles I

had experienced them as, but as little leg work that is necessary for the upkeep of my

body in this lifetime.

It is all too fresh right now to have a complete understanding of what has just

happened; I just know it was deeply touching and moved energies at levels I didn't even

know existed. JAIRO WILCHES

Perhaps the most profound part of this experience was the transformation of

my parents into kind, loving people - seeing me - always the way I would have



I realized how much I missed being nurtured, and felt childlike. My heart opened up

and I could feel the energies flowing through my body. I sense the beat of my heart and

feel at peace with life. My heart is filled with joy after releasing the pain I have carried

deep within my being since childhood. All feels good and wonderful. Truly a blessing

from the Divine. CECELIA LONG, musician

Workshops and Deeksha events

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